Heart Land Toy Show - Salina, KS 
Let's start the show!

In the fall of 2011 the family that was hosting the Century of Toys Show, in Salina,  decided to give it up.
 Many people were disappointed that Salina was not going to have a Toy Show any longer. We then decided to begin the Heart Land Toy Show on our own.

In November of 2012  we launched our first Toy Show with a total of 179 tables and 56 vendors from 7 states
with Antique toys, New & Old Farm toys, DCP and Custom semi-trucks, vintage toys, wind-up
toys, marbles, dolls and so much more! I have to admit, I thought we were full with 179 tables and a waiting list  but .....

In November of 2013, we launched our second
Toy Show and we had 205 tables, plus toys and etc.
on the floor by the tables, and a large diorama on display.
We had 70 vendors representing once again 7 states.

The two buildings are full, full and it appears that 200 tables will be our maximum because of space.  

The 2014 Heart Land Toy Show was held on November 15, 2014, once again at Kenwood Hall and the  4-H Building, even with predicted snow storm we had over 700 buyers and lookers.

The 2015 show was launched and we were thrilled with the turn out of buyers.  We once again both buildings full and as buyer from a distance said to me, 
"I love this show; you get the same vendors back and some new ones also with a great variety"

The 2016 show brought in over 1000 buyers, lookers and friends.  We had 66 vendors and 199 tables of goodies.  We feel so blessed to have such a great time and meet some mighty great people.

The show continues on with the 2017 show now in the books.  We nearly burst the seams of the buildings with 215 tables of goodies and 4 more vendors on the waiting list.  Again, we put over 1000 buyers, and friends thru the doors.

The show continues on with the 2018 show finished and plans for the 2019 started.  We again had 63 vendors from 8 states and 210 tables of just plain awesome toys.  Old, New, Used, Beat-up, and parts to go with  some of them.  We had 1200  buyers and friends thru the doors.